What’s your opinion about a paid promotion?

What is your opinion about a paid story promotion?
Do you think it is a good idea because I don’t want to waste my money just in case they don’t work.


Personally, I wouldn’t. No matter how big an author is. Sorry. To me 1 paid promotion can be like 5-10 free promotions from smaller authors on ig, your choice.


It really depends on luck. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.


What paid promotion guarantees is the exposure of your story to much more people out there. But that doesn’t mean people will start reading your story. It really depends. Even the person who does the promotion cannot guarantee this.


this!! my friend paid for her story to get promoted. the first time it worked and she got quite a lot of reads but the second time she wasn’t as lucky


Yeah it is unpredictable :sweat_smile:

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I mean I don’t mind if someone does this because I see it as you want story promoted therefore you buy a “billboard” essentially for your story. Now the things is that I don’t believe they work that well. I mean I have not played for a promotion for my story as I am not wasting money by gambling if it is going to work or not. But I have done R4R and people have put it on their story and no traction at all. So maybe if your story is good enough that your story advertises itself then it would do good in a paid promotion. If you want to then go for it but I personally wouldn’t.


I have no problem with people choosing to do it, it’s not my thing, personally, but I’ve known some people who have done it.

However, in my view, it only pays off to an extent, and only if your story is what people are looking for.

There is a particular user who does paid promos, and from what I’ve seen, the stories that benefit most from the promos, are ones that are almost carbon copies of the main theme running on episode… Mafia stories.
So if your story is different, something that isn’t going to fit into the bigger themes on episode, then I’d say you’re less likely to gain much from it.

Through all of the paid promos I have seen, I haven’t clicked to read a single one.
Sure, the ones I’ve seen usually don’t intrigue me, but mostly, the knowledge that the promo has only come about because of the exchange of money, not actual engagement and enjoyment makes it feel ingenuine and so doesn’t make me want to give it a try myself.

If I see a story recommended somewhere by someone who has actually enjoyed it, I tend to give those a shot.


It depends on each person but personally, I wouldn’t pay for someone to promote my story, if you play your cards right, you can promote your story yourself by engaging with your followers! I’ve never tried paying someone to promote my story but I wouldn’t get my hopes up to magically get 10k reads from that promotion yk? It depends on the readers after all! :heartpulse:
Save that money ksjdks :sneezing_face::two_hearts:


I think this is likely due to the user who is providing the service having that story genre fan base so the promotion is being shown to the perfect target audience.