What’s your opinion on default characters in stories?

do you like it when authors make a default character a main character?

I have an irrational hatred of default characters lmao. I don’t even like them as bg characters.


Yes, same!! It might not seem like a big deal, but stories look so much better with unique characters


For a background character I personally don’t really care, but for a main character? Nah, that looks lazy lol. It’s pretty easy to click buttons and change a couple things.


I think it’s great! That’s why “Mr. Popular and I” is my favourite featured story :heart_eyes:


Ugh, no. Please change something about them, my fellow writers.


Ugh… that’s my biggest pet peeve on the episode! They just everywhere, I’m sick of seeing them :joy:

Default MC? Just ONE big NO. I can understand some people might like the look, but they don’t even change the outfits…

I don’t like seeing them as BG characters either, they on every party on the episode :joy:

There are no excuses now! We have a random button for creating characters :smiley:


it’s still there :heart_eyes: :joy:

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Totally agree with everyone here. I hate seeing default characters in stories. I did a review for one story, and every character besides MC and love interest were default :woman_facepalming:t3::sweat_smile:


I know a story where literally everyone was a default character, and the author was too lazy to even change their names and outfits


I’ve seen a few stories like that. It makes me cringe.

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When I was reading the story, I was new to episode. When I finally went to the writers’ portal I realized she was actually lazy AF!


Exactly, default characters are a huge Episode turnoff for me.

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unless the story is amazing

I don’t like them as main characters. I don’t mind if you use the default characters as BG characters, but maybe change it up slightly, like hairstyle or eye color. Also they should definitely change the clothing.


And the name

That’s right.

I don’t mind having the default characters as background or minor characters that show up once or twice, but having one as a main character will make me stop reading the story. I will admit that in stories I work on I’ll use default ones for characters that show up once, but I do change the outfit and name.

I get that character design shouldn’t be the #1 priority for writers, but if someone is the main character then I think authors should at least put some effort into making them look anything but default. Using a default as a main character just seems lazy, especially in stories without customization. I like non-customizable stories because I can see characters as the author imagined them, not so I can stare at a default the whole time.

I didn’t mind them as background characters before the randomizer came out. However, the randomizer kind of eliminated excuses for any stories that aren’t in Classic. Authors should also keep in mind that randomly generated characters wear default characters’ outfits, though, so it would be great to put some effort into changing up outfits.