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Hey everyone
So I’m writing a story about a girl (Bella) and her twin (Grace) when they were younger they were playing hide and seek when Grace got kidnapped and Bella always blamed herself for it. Can you all give me some improvement ideas for the description and would you read the story based on the description.
Who knew that one little game of hide and seek could completely ruin so many lives. Including your own.

I dont see much of a plot yet here. U mentioned events that happened in the past, but what the plot is really about?

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Well its mostly evolved around Bella being a teenager and trying to find out what happened to her twin. There is also going to be a twist in the story but I won’t say what. Also about how Bella closing herself off from the world then slowly smiling and being happy again

Okay. This looks more like it. For description I suggest you to visit this thread->
Help with Story Descriptions from Jadlyss
For tips on story plot development you can visit my help thread->

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