What’s your super power


So, I know myself have always wished I could be a superhero. My power of choice you might ask, well without hesitation I would choose Telekinesis to be my super power.

So, I ask you if you could have any super power what would it be?? :thinking:

P.S. I am bored so entertain me… :weary:


Can’t go wrong with flight. I wish I was a superhero, too.


Nice super power. Flight would be an awesome super power to have. It would probably be my 2nd choice after telekinesis. And ugh the real world sucks!


If I had powers I would have the power to seduce to my every whim. Or being able to think something and it appears.


Lol, same.


Seductress! I love it! :blush: And the ability to think about something and it appear would be pretty neat!


The power that when you look into the eyes of someone and ask him to do something, he has to obey immediately :wink:


Hmm so mind control??


Kinda yep, didn’t have to word in mind hahaha


That is pretty cool power. You could literally make anyone do anything for you. I feel that power would be one of the most powerful powers to have. The ability to control someone’s mind.


Exactly. And in a story, could be pretty dope


I believe so! Definitely a take over the world power. And it would be an easy power to portray in an episode story!


I’d like to have either…

  • Gravity Control
  • Something like what Black Panther has (but a different animal)
  • Matter Manipulation (Like The Absorbing Man)
  • Access/Control of the Morphing Grid


Wow… I really like those! I’m so obsessed with telekinesis I don’t even think about other really cool powers!


Yes yes, especially the Morphing Grid. :sunglasses:


Ok so I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the morphing grid before! Oops! :woman_facepalming:t2:


Since I saw this picture, I definitely know what would be my superpower :grin:


Maybe it’s because I am very tired because I am lost in this picture! :woman_facepalming:t2:


It’s fine lol. Try to imagine it as a lottery. Your probability to win 1 million is 1:500 000, because other 499 999 people participated as well. So your chance of winning is definitely less than a 1%. If you had the superpower, you would make that chance of winning 100% and got all the money.


Oh interesting! Never thought of it like that!