What’s your worst and your best experience in the community?

I’m curious, what’s been your worst experience in the episode community whether it be on instagram, reddit, twitter, forums etc?
And what’s been your best experience?

Please don’t mention any names negatively, but you can definitely mention people that have contributed to your best experience!

I could only find a thread that specifically mentioned experiences on the forums, not the episode community in general across all platforms, so I decided to create one.


Worst- When episode app kicked me out and showing me that This app version is not launched yet

  • When tried to log in in new phone (which was Android too) showed Account don’t exist

But every thing is fine now :relieved:

  • Temporary Suspended from here but I was still happy cuz they suspended the Bad guy (felt like I died but won the battle)

Good- Well i feel good in episode community
Was very happy when became a member here and start gaining reads :joy:


never really had one! I’m quite new but I’m hoping that I meet lovely people!

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Bad thing: Nothing bad in general. Maybe the fact that I can’t access episode forums from my laptop. (It’s my laptop’s problem.) :woman_shrugging: I can’t think of any bad experiences, everyone’s really sweet.

Good thing: Getting into the the episode community is the best thing ever, everyone’s amazing and I really feel happy here. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Worst experience:

  • Getting suspended from the community for a bit, felt like I was the criminal who was actually a good person-
    (Ignore my username while reading this part-)

  • Well, not actually bad but I always find myself in an argument with every people- Ig it’s just in my blood? :joy:

  • Episode logging me out of my profile when I uninstall it- :neutral_face:

Best experience

  • Nothing tbh, but yeah ig I met a few good people?