What scene can fit with this dialogue?


Hi! So I made dialogue for my story, but I’m not sure as to what the scene should be. (It’s the beginning of the story) I thought of making it the couple’s memories in the story and how it effected others. Basically, as the dialogue continues, scenes will be show of the couple’s arguments or good moments. After the scene there will be a title card/ intro. I’m not exactly sure with this concept though. If anyone can help, here’s the dialogue!

ELIJAH: My bedroom feels warm, but it’s cold outside. I could tell because of the foggy windows. It made me realize, that there are things you know, but can’t accept and that there are things you can feel, you sense, but can’t explain.
IVAN: I almost thought that our presence went hand in hand, like a slow dance that compliments a song that gets sung by an piano, but the sad reality? We were only two souls toying with each other’s lives, to change the actuality of them , just so we can fit into it.
ELIJAH: If I could choose, I would’ve chosen to be young forever, but not because of the greedy thought to be immortal, but to try again. Try to see if there was another way. To keep trying to see if it works.
And maybe,if I could choose , I wouldn’t have failed and had to live with the realization that our love wasn’t strong enough to keep the anchor from being pulled up and letting the ships sail away.
IVAN: You were the cold outside.
ELIJAH: And I was the warmth in my bedroom.


Liked it :wink:if I was reading this story , I wouldn’t leave after such intro :hugs:


Wow. Amazing intro. Really deep. Definitely makes me want to read it!


Aww thank you so much!


I liked the dialogue, it was really emotional. Idk if you would want to do this but it’s just a suggestion. When I read your dialogue I imagined it being outside in the rain. Idk why. Good luck!


Ooo, I like that!