What sentence broke you?

I’ll go first………We should have just aborted you. I grew up being told I was a mistake and never should have been born multiple times.


my mom told me that she regreted giving birth to me. But its alright, we are here aren’t we? We’ll prove them wrong and show them we are and never will be a mistake.


Whoever told you that were wrong, you deserve to be here.


i have so many💀 most from my mom but she called me ungrateful and a bitch for literally no reason she always takes her anger out on me


it is a long and ugly list


In Episode, I had this screenshot saved years ago and while I don’t know where it is now, I remember it as “he doesn’t need to take care of a broken useless girl now, does he?” so yeah that’s something.

In real life, I think it’s that one time my mom told me that my dad is gonna leave us forever in a very serious face and tone. I panicked at the thought of being fatherless and quickly head out to find him…only for him to come back 30 minutes later and told us he was going for a jog to calm himself down after they had an argument. Not a pretty situation to be in, but I’m just glad he’s okay and I got a little exercise out of it.


A sentence that broke me would have to be my stepmom and father were talking about my bio mom and how appearantly she always saw me has a finacial burden and my dad would just tell her to leave me with him and he said “guess she finally decides to take my advice” My bio abandoned me three different times just for context

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In anger, my best friend once said to me “The reason nobody likes you is because you’re too afraid.” I guess it hurt because she said it as though it was a fact. Like I already knew that nobody liked me.
We’ve both grown so much as people and she’s actually a really lovely person but that still stays with me.

I also just want to say, with all the other replies saying that their parents said those awful things, you don’t deserve that. Especially when it’s from people you love. That is absolutely horrible. They could not be more wrong. You are cherished and you deserve love and I really hope that those people apologised to you.


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