What shall I draw? Give me ideas please

I am going to my drawing club in a couple of hours and got no idea of what to draw. I am drawing on paper.

anyone who got ideas of something to draw

Normally I just doodle until something pops into my mind. You could try that or draw something really “simple” and then go back and add realistic details. Or you could draw something that is hard to get some more practice.

My advice is to Just have fun with it, whatever you draw will surely be beautiful!

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wait hold on where was it. I am pretty sure I went there to post it

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Lol it was in Episode Fan Community. I do it too sometimes, no worries. :grin:


its so anoying when you drop a a forum you wanted to make. and try to make a new later its still in same catagory as before

Maybe you could try something Halloweeny, such as a witch or someone in a costume or something spooky. Do whatever inspires you!

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