What shops do you want to have on the forums?

Hey so I’m new ro to the forums and I’ve seen many art shops, outfits and character shops etc.

And along with that I’ve seen some people wanting to have a certain type or shop that isn’t there atm

So use this thread for shop ideas
It can be art shops,edit ships, outfits shop, or any other shops

This is not a drop your shop thread
It’s a thread where you can tell us any suggestions of shops you want to have on the forums and we’ll see what we can do!


Realistic art shop for free(Mostly no one does…but a simple idea)


thats because its hard work, and if I did good realistick art I would be taken money too.

art is hard to do and takes years of practise, and hours to make, your not paying for art but the artist time.





I agree.


Yes same cause it’s a lot of effort

  1. Shops solely for ALL story related serives, not art or edits or outfits or characters but the following:
    Story Cards
    Story Reviews
    Other blank 4 blank story exchanges
    Chapter reads
    Story Tittles
    Story ideas/ plot ideas
    Help organizing thoughts
    Character personality creations (like b-day, age, zodiac, like-dislikes, and personality style)
    Character background/ past creations (like childhood moments, family, things that occured in there life and how the character got to this point in the story)

  2. Resources Workshops with the focus of educating new and old authors, some examples are Instagrams axiom academy where you learn facts not just about coding.
    Examples of things to include would be:
    -Careers told by a person with proven credentials (such as a degree in the field or proof of work history) where they describe that career and how it can be implemented in the story.
    -How to find backgrounds and approved sites for ones (approved being royalty free, and commercial use) along with how to search for catalog backgrounds, how to up load new ones, how to create and resize the backgrounds to png and with/height. Along with background drives and how to get access.
    -How to make edits beginner and advance level (beginner is not much shading, no it much shadowing, and little to know added glow.) And (advance is like @/nayu.ep and @/Dragon 's styles, in my opinion). Along with including tips and tricks for a better look.
    -How to improve art and coloring, coloring like shading, blending, highlighting, etc. And art like someone who’s an expert in a certain style gives tips and tricks on that style and how to improve (like improving cartoon style lips or doing semi realistic noses etc.)

And for all the workshops a expert in whatever field would create a class list of lessons, and people who want to learn would join a chat where the expert would teach a lesson (schedule of their chosing) and at the end we would review what we learned and share extra opinions and tips on the topic. And for art-edit workshops everyone would test out the skill taught and share their improvements in that chat.


Thanks once I finish reading I’ll see what I can do!


Yea thats true…