What should be my Storyline

So I have a new story I want to start on, it’s set in the regency era but I want to know how I should take the story. Like which way it should go.

Should it go with

A. The mains father dies, not of natural causes. A handsome yet agitated detective is in his case. Main forces herself onto helping in the investigation. She falls in love.

B. Main is seeking marriage. Her father is deciding who he wants. Pretty much ur regular regency era movie. With lies, scandals and love.


A. is more interesting in my opinion :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:t4:


I second plot A!
Although… why not both hehe :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Thank youuu!

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Hmm I could maybe work with it :thinking:

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If you were to combine the two ideas, maybe you could have the father decide MC’s future husband before he’s killed and then the MC will have to choose between her future husband or the handsome detective.


Omg that is a brilliant idea. Thank you so much I definitely like where that could go.

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both sound super interesting! the first one draws me in more, but the second being in the regency era i love, i’m obsessed with the regency era lol. maybe u could eventually do both, just keep the idea you don’t choose in mind for the future!

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That is very true :thinking:I could do that.

B i would love to read!

I think plot B is overdone and sort of cliche at this point. During Regency era marrying just for love was seen as stupid since most things were dealth through marriage so I would really hate to see another story set in Regency era where the MC wants to find somebody to marry purely because they want love. But then again I saw almost all Jane Austen adaptations and read almost one full Jane Austen book (don’t blame me, I’m not going to force myself to read since I read slow and get lost a lot, but I still get the point) and because of that I would like a Regency story to be all the more accurate to how it was, instead of just using it because it’s a historical setting. I myself am also writing a regency story and have a great book where I research things about the regency, so If you need a question about it I’m always at your service.

Plot A sounds far more interesting than the original plot of lies, scandals and … love that you might’ve seen in Bridgerton. However, if your character falls in love it would be so cool to have at least one of them marry for something more not just love, otherwise it wouldn’t be a smart match and her mother, brother, aunt, uncle, whatever family she has left, would disinherit her, which wouldn’t be a problem since she’s a woman.

If you’re planning to write something about inheritance, make sure the MC doesn’t get any inheritance unless she marries somebody. PM me if you want to find out why, it’s a long but true story.

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