What should be the average length of a chapter in lines

Well basically the title. i dont know how long my chapters need to be in lines

It all actually depends, but I’d say a good rule of thumb is about 2100 lines :slight_smile:

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oh god, my first 4 episodes of my first story had 400 lines. but i thought they could be longer because the chapters were like minute. i’ll try with the next episodes. im now planning i’i get around 100-150 lines each scene without dress-up games etc. and ty for answering!

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To publish a chapter, you need at least 400 lines of coding. But lines do not matter, because you can have over 1000 lines of coding due to CC but your chapter would only be 3 minutes long, or you could have 500 lines of pure dialogue and it could be 20 minutes long. You should focus on timing how long your chapters are by the minute. A good length for a chapter is between 10-15 minutes.


could you maybe proof read my capter when its done??

I’m not a proofreader, but you can request someone to proofread your story in the Find a Writing Partner section of the forums.

This!!! I had 600 lines of coding and I felt bad because my chapter is “short” but it was a medium lenght chapter because of the dialogues (almost 10 minutes, I’m still adding new things)


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