What should be the mc's flaws

no annoying ones like being stubborn or ones where the li comes and fixes it. I don’t want my character to be a mary sue. One flaw I have for her is that she simps too much but I need other ideas. Does anyone have any flaws for my mc? Does anyone have an idea where the mc is in the wrong and she can own up to it and learn her lesson?


What comes to my mind and from google: (Might add more later)
Getting angry quickly
getting jealous (not over the LI with other girls, but maybe some things people have but the MC doesn’t)
Really emotional
Too much of a perfectionist

Sites with some things:

In some flaws you could be able to find some good things that come out of it, but not with all.

  • Attempting to do everything themself instead of asking for help or relying on others.
  • Believing they can’t trust others when they can.
  • Judging others when she shouldn’t.
  • Being too honest and not understanding the boundaries.
  • Too afraid to take chances and risks and misses out on plenty of things because of it.
  • Jumps into things too quickly and without thinking and then ends up in messy situations/states.
  • Jumps to conclusions too quickly, especially without finding out from the source.
  • Severe anxiety to the point where they actively isolate themself from opportunities.
  • Placing too high of an expectation on other people so they never meet their standard no matter how hard they try.
  • Too focused on things that don’t matter, while the things that do matter slip through their fingers.
  • Being ignorant and/or defensive.
  • Compulsive lying and hurting everyone in the process, including themself.
  • Being simply unable to sympathize with others’ feelings making it difficult for others’ to like her.

What are things your bad at or think you bad at, maybe using those cause it’s what you know best. Other ideas:
Being bad at conversations
Lol, all the other ones people said.


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