What should happen in my teen pregnancy story?

If you don’t know, the teen pregnancy story I am making is not cliche whatsoever.

(Btw, DM me if you got questions on that).
Anyway, I need some help figuring out what to do. I’m not creative in the slightest, and I’m not into gang, mean girls, and being kicked out crap. I need some real stuff that happens in real life, that I can incorporate into my story. I have already thought of a few things that could happen.
Braxton Hicks
Braxton Hicks are supposed to be very painful (I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been pregnant). I’ve seen things where the mom almost has a miscarriage, and the girl in this will think that she is having a miscarriage or something, but it is really just Braxton Hicks, and it will bring her to show how much she loves the baby.
She moves away from the baby daddy
If you don’t know, in my story, the baby daddy and the MC don’t get together or end up together. It was really just a fling, and they don’t love each other. So MC ends up moving away from the Baby Daddy. The BD is mad, but comes to terms with it.

The other stuff I have figured out is very, eh…revealing to the main plot of the second season of the story, so I am NOT going to share that (sorry!).
Please DM me or comment if you have any objections or suggestions.

Maybe the baby daddy after the girl moves away comes visit every 2 months the babe but after he stops

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I like that…

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That’s the only idea I have for a realistic story sorry

The baby becomes a baby model

In real life, most parents don’t kick out their teenage daughters.

I found this out when I was on YouTube and I saw a description of a sims story (Most sims 2 stories had the girl get kicked out) where she said that the commenters said that her story wasn’t realistic as most parents don’t kick out their kids. So, she made a different story where the parents helped out.

Another time, a sims 4 story had it the way it was more realistic (emotionally for the teen as most teens don’t feel happy when they get kicked out with a baby) but it was for a homeless teen story, the girls parents kicked her out and she didn’t immediately have a house, but her friends helped her out.

It’s a 50/50 with sims stories and the fathers being in the child’s life, in most stories where the father is in the child’s life, they are in a monogamous romantic relationship, but in others, the father isn’t, the mom is resentful of him, and the father doesn’t want to be in the child’s life and most of the time they started out dating and he breaks up with them when she tells him she’s pregnant.

In most sims stories, the mom is doing okay and is still going to school, the schoolmates may call her a whore in teen pregnancy series, though.

One did show that a teen had to drop out of school, though. And there WAS another teen pregnant story that showed a mom getting kicked out and living on the streets but she may not have had the child as a teenager, and she was already kicked out I think and she married a man when she loved and he took care of the child, in most stories where the biological father isn’t there, the teen mom gets a husband I think. Try having the baby be a boy albino, and look up what it’s like for real teen moms. I mostly see partial albinism, partial-albino people sometimes have purple eyes, because of the small pigmentation in them. Try full albinism? And not all albinos are pitch perfect healthy, the lack of pigmentation in the eyes can cause eye problems like blurry eye sight I think and they’re eyes can go cross eyed

Thanks! I will for sure be using some parts of that in my story!

Not sure if it’s any help or if it would be too upsetting but how about if the baby is poorly (hospital poorly) and you could show the mother’s dedication and love for the baby but also show how she’s still unsure about motherhood and how the family comes together to support her.

The baby doesn’t have to be seriously ill but just something to show a possible struggle.

I actually really like that! I kind of had something like that in mind.
It’s not really an illness, (in fact, it’s not at all), but the baby could be born breech (meaning the baby’s legs or butt is aimed to come out before the head, as normal). This can cause some complications during the birth.

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