What should happen next

what should I do next
the MC girl just got done wth a conversation with one of the brothers in her room aying they didn’t want her here
I don’t know what to have happen next?

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She could try to run away?

for what reason?
shes staying because of school and by the end of the story she does run away

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Hmm. Then she could try and get revenge,?

Revenge? On the brothers?

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For what though?

Maybe she goes and stays with one of her friends

that’s a good suggestion but shes new in town

hmmm is this a city like area??

Is there any back story to this though…

the story is in modern time but an old city
its called love is a hexagon

what u mean backstory?
as in a past well idk haven’t thought of one

I wanna help, but I’m not even sure where to begin lol.

lol same sorry

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K thank u