What should happend...? *Please Help*

Hey! :relaxed:
I’m writing a romance and I’m not sure what is the best thing, I could do in the scene I’m working at.
The MC and the LI are meeting each other in the city, at the moment, the two of them can’t stand each other. :smirk: But the MC don’t want to go the longer way, just because the LI und his friends are there. She wants to play it cool, but what should I do then? :thinking: Should the LI talk to her, or is it to strange if she stumbles? Or is it better if he makes her fall down? I have so many ideas, but I don’t have an idea which might be the best. If you have some ideas please help me out! :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advance! :kissing_heart:

I think it would be funny if both MC and LI are falling for each other, but they have both one friend with them in the scene and these are telling them that they both should play it cool. So both MC and LI are playing it cool (because of their friends) when they actually is falling for each other.

If it make sense
sorry for my bad English, it’s not my first language ;/

It’s a good idea, but the MC is kind of a loner. I can’t use this idea… Sorry…

It’s okay, English isn’t my first language, too! So I don’t care about that :joy:


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