What should I change about my story ideas?

  1. The story title is A New Start (it was originally titled A Fresh New Start).

  2. The plot description is: You didn’t have the best reputation at Middleton High, but now you’re given a fresh, new slate. Will you change for the better or will you go back to your old roots?

  3. The first chapter starts off with giving the reader the choices of: changing the MC’s name, changing her appearance, changing both, or leave her as she is. The MC’s name (if the reader doesn’t want to change it) is Andria. If the reader doesn’t customize her she will look like this:

Also, the MC has a tattoo and piercing. Should I remove them, keep them, or let the reader decide if they want to keep or remove them?

  1. I plan on the story to have a point system and choices that will matter. Picking certain choices and courses of actions could potentially make, break, or mend relationships (just like real life). Also if you don’t have a good enough relationship with characters, if you say or do the wrong things then some choices will be locked and could lead to a bad ending.

  2. Since I don’t like romance and don’t know how to write it, the MC will most likely not have a love interest. She might however have an ex (depending on what the reader does, the MC might be able to become friends with him).

  3. I might add a test or two in the story. One that I already planned and tested was one about Art.

(I’m sorry if this post is too long).

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Before anything else, do you have a plot on what you want to write for your story?

Just added it to the post.

Love it, I love to read stories with no romance at all because episode app is flocking with it. And there is not much stories that doesn’t have no romance in it. lol

that depends on you as an author, how you vision your character. U don’t need to remove it if it fits her style. If the character, herself, likes it.

Thanks for your input. I might keep the piercing and tattoo since for me it fits her.

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Sweet! :grin:

oh, so it’s like a self-discovery kind of story?

Got it.

  1. The title it’s okay, though I would like to see a different title name other than “a new start”
  2. The plot description it’s not bad. But perhaps you can be like change it up a bit? So maybe like: You didn’t have the best reputation at Middleton High, but now you’re bAck. Will you go back to your old ways or can you change? Etc etc. if you understand what I mean.
  3. For the first chapter , I hate to say this but people would leave the story if chapter / episode 1 is just CC the characters. BUT! If you want to do unlimited CC for the mc and li because you like the way they look, then that’s perfect. Don’t focus too much about CC on the first chapter. Show something interesting.
  4. Okay point system is fine just make sure that you will show readers their points.
  5. If you do not want romance, that’s your choice. But if you want to add someone in mcs life then you should, just to idk spice up the heat or something.
  6. What do you mean by add a test or two in the story?
    This is all just my opinion pls don’t get offended or get mad I’m just saying whatever to help you out.
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The first chapter won’t be just CC, just that it will start off with it. I know that some people prefer an intro before diving into CC/having a start and customization menu.


An alternative title that I was given was Confessions of a Former Bad Girl.

That’s not bad also. Do you have any more?

The New and the (Hopefully) Improved
The Move That Changed/Started it All

These are ones that others recommend:

  1. New Year, New Me

  2. New Beginnings

  3. Starting Again

  4. Round Two

Ooo. They are good. Which one do you really like ?

I think my favorite are Confessions of a Former Bad Girl and New and (Hopefully) Improved. I can imagine for the first one that MC is writing a book about her life and that is the title of said book. However, it doesn’t quite fit since depending on the choices that the reader picks, the MC might stay a “bad girl”, become worse, or become a good/golden girl (or a mix of both bad and good).

(Sorry for the late reply). Yeah something like that. I honestly prefer character-driven stories over plot-driven stories. This is especially because I’m working on a non-episode character(s)-driven story about a group of friends who are helping each go through the tough parts of life while also helping shape the best parts of life.

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Ahhh, now I understand.

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