What should I choose for my story cover?


I have a story that’s being written right now, and covers are pretty important to me so I’ve been throwing around some ideas on what I should make the cover like. Here’s the synopsis of the story:
When Liron is institutionalized after a suicide attempt, she learns that mental wards are very different from what she thought- in some ways good, other ways bad.

Here are the ideas I have:
-The mc of the story running away from something in a psychiatric hospital hallway (the mc would be facing forward, so it’d look like she was sort of running towards you)
-A shattered mirror, showing the reflection of the mc doing some sort of shocked or freaked-out facial expression, kiiiind of like the bloody mary movie poster, except, y’know, less shitty
-The mc with a hand wrapped around her mouth, sorta looks like the movie poster for that 80’s movie bad dreams

Which idea sounds the most likely to look like a cover that would draw you in?


I think the mirror one


I think the hallway one would be cool, I’ve seen the mirror one done quite a bit


The mirror one!


Hallway would be cool never seen before


I would do hallways because I have seen a mirror in deep attraction 3.


the first one for sure


Not the 1st one, I’m between 2nd and 3rd


I’d do the hallway one! Xx