What should I do for my intro?


Hello guys…,.so…I’ve been writing this story for a month but I’m still clueless on what my intro should be…

So Everyone has been waiting for

Black Bandit

To come out! But I’m really clueless asf and I need some of you to help me make an intro.

A young girl named Rain has been through a lot… Bullying, Abuse and other stuff. In the night she’s just a famous criminal with a lot of money. In the day she’s just a normal bad girl/ Nerd.
One day she meets this bad boy that has a crush on her. When they start to grow feelings towards each other, Both of them start to get into illegal stuff. (Fights, Robbery, Prison) when they are separated into prison…for a few months they start to forget each other. “Will Rain Remember Ryder?”

This story has two plots!

  • First plot: Rain is on a journey into illegal and school

  • Second plot: Rain and Ryder’s future self.

So this story has two point of views!

  • Rain and Ryder.

I need your help on an intro! And I will credit ya! :blush:




Rains perspective:

I forgot.

I forgot him.

I forgot my everything.

After the accident, I became a lifeless shell.

I forgot him.

I forgot him.

Let me show you. Let me show you how my story went from horrible… to the best life ever, when I’m with him, and to absolutely hideous. Let me show you.

Maybe she forgot because of an accident? Like a car crash or something?


This is an awesome idea! I might look into that!