What Should I Do? How Can I Fix This?

So… I have a bunch of stories that I really love & want to publish/complete, but I hardly have the motivation to code & write some of them because there’s so many? Should I continue like this? Or should I force myself to cut down on how many I work on and making more until a couple of them or at least one of them is published? Please give me your opinions or even suggestions!


It’s great to have a bunch of ideas, but settle down on one, and plan your plot, characters, Etc. Try to be original too. So settling one is the best option for you!

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well writing a story can take a lot of time - I write mine almost 1,5 years and I m with 40 published episodes still not finished. :see_no_evil: So I can’t imagine working on too many stories at the same time. But I guess I am not the quickest writer. :smiley:
But I personally would concentrate on one, and use the other to work on when you will get writer’s block on the first one.

Also once you publish, the fans like you to update regularly so it is not good to leave them hanging for too long till you publish a new chapter. So it’s good to keep up a regular updating schedule (no matter on how many stories you work at).

Good luck with the writing. :smiley:

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Perhaps since you have so many different ideas you could try and combine them into one - integrate the characters together. Make the MC of one story the ‘best friend’ character in this one, but keep their details and story the same yk? Get all your faves together and maybe it’ll also get you inspired to write about them then too if you care about them all.

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I suppose that really depends on yourself.
While I think it’s great having many story ideas, I think time and energy gets burnt on “thinking” of all those things opposed to if you were to focus on one, you’d likely be more productive using that energy and time into “doing” it. I think working on too many or thinking of too many in itself can be overwhelming in the sense that there’s so much you want to do but don’t know where to begin and even switching from one story to the other will further push out a publish date that it can then feel sort of discouraging if it’s taking too long. And I don’t know about you but I get pretty chaotic with that lol I’ll try to multitask and burn myself out because I get so anxious to finish and so excited to do them all that I have a million thoughts cluttering my mind that I start to drown in it lol. So maybe grounding yourself with it would be good. I once was working on 6 stories at the same time and that was fairly chaotic and I felt like there wasn’t much progress for how long I’d spend on an episode but I was also jumping around between stories and then I lost my motivation because I felt overwhelmed Lol but everyone has different tolerances and maybe it wouldn’t be as stressful to you as it was for me to keep up with it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe choose which story you like the most that you want to publish first and whether this story is the story you want to give the “first impression” of you as an episode author with. And then work on it, publish it and go from there. :woman_shrugging:t3:

As Farah mentioned, another thing to consider is readers. If you work on too many stories, make sure you can be consistent with releasing new episodes in a timely manner for your readers. And also like she said if you get writer’s block then you could work on a different story in the meantime.

Also as episodepistachio, maybe as you focus and write one, you’ll notice you can tether some of your other story ideas into it.

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