What should I do my Story in, limelight or ink?


Should I do my story in Limelight or Ink??


It’s up to you. Think of which style would suit your story best. Personally, my favourite style is INK. :slight_smile:

~ Winter :snowflake:


Ink is usually my favorite but limelight is growing on me.


My favoriite is Ink… But its completely up to you what you prefer…


Ink would be best in my opinion.


Ink is my fave, but as said you should choose what suits the story theme better. :wink:


if you want more reads, use Ink. people love it best, but I prefer Limelight.


Okay so I personally prefer INK but I think it depends because I think INK is more for drama/romance/high school because it has more outfits for it but if it’s an fantasy/superhero/Sci-fi story I would say Limelight because it has way more outfits for those themes but at the end it’s what you decide! :slight_smile:




Use limelight it’s the most amazing style it has variety of different hair colors and it’s easier to make it resemble someone in that style. I have yet to see an ugly character in LL


I say INK because there are more clothing options.


I would do Limelight, becasue it’s the newest and actually they have been coming out with a lot more clothing options lately.


I prefer Limelight too.


Ink ink ink!



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