What should I do? Need your opinions!



Idk If this is the right category for this.

So if you guys know me (on the forums ofc) you’d know that I have an art shop and a review thread. I was just wondering if I should close both of them as soon as I finish all the requests, because I am a horrible procrastinator and it often takes me a while to get any requests done, resulting in my waiting lists to get bigger and bigger, which causes me a bunch of stress :sob:. But I kinda don’t want to close them because I love helping peeps out :sunglasses:. What should I do?


Well maybe you can have a limit for the waiting list until you close the thread just to catch up like some other people do?


Do what you love. If it takes you a while, it takes you a while. Just update with a note at the top that the wait might be long, and update those waiting now and then. But if you still enjoy helping people, keep doing it! You’re offering a free service, people can wait for that.


Thank you for that suggestion it’s given me a wonderful idea! :smiley: :heart:


No problem! (Also I’m a procrastinator too so props to you starting a art and review thread gurl! I would just fall behind and cry :joy: but ya got this! I believe in ya)


Thank you for the wonderful advice, I’ll do that. :smiley: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Put you first :heart: maybe limit the waiting list and close the thread until you catch up, then reopen it?


you can “close it to catch up” for a period of time or something like that


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What? That has nothing to do with this topic.


Yes I’ll do that, thanks. :smiley:


Thanks I will. :blush: