What should I? Hm

2:15 which is the sad normal time :sob::tired_face:

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I get out at 1:05 east coast lmao :joy:


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Lmao…I think I have 4th lunch… yep so right after lunch I’m leaving to go home. :grin:

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Lucky on early realeases I’m stuck leaving after gym :frowning:

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…Lmao…My baby bro gets out at 5:30 pm

Oh wow :open_mouth:

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Night school :upside_down_face:

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Oh wow. I feel like I’m gonna be up all night :sob::tired_face::confused:

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I have no friends :frowning:

I’m so lonely

And bored :tired_face:

I’m so lonelyyyyy… I have nobodyyyy I’m all on my own, ownnnnnnnnnnn

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…sorry RP…want me to play with ya?

:woman_shrugging: Sure… I’m also just being dramatic… I sing that song like every other day

I say this because I grew up without friends, so it’s kinda hard for me to make them and honestly, that’s how my love for writing grew. Growing up without anybody to talk to in school about fun stuff, I would turn to writing, daydreaming and reading books-and I’ve never ever felt lonely because as soon as I’m alone, my mind automatically goes to into thinking mode, so I’m almost always busy lol. I guarantee you that we can be happy without them (friends) if we find joy in other things in life : )


I agree sometimes I’m happy alone but then I wonder what it’s like to have like a lot of ppl to talk to

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