What should I name my editing/ drawing classes thread? (Poll within!)

Hey y’all!

I Have decided to open a edit and drawing learning thread so that everyone who is interested can learn!

But I can’t come up with a good name :grimacing:

Help me decide please :pleading_face:

  • Vi’s editing / drawing school
  • Vi’s editing / drawing classes
  • Other (if you have a good one post in the comments!

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If y’all have any other cute name ideas let me know in the comments!

Also tags are open!

If you guys wanna learn editing or drawing feel free to let me know and I’ll tag you when it’s out!!

Tysm :blush:


i vote Vi’s editing/ drawing school @Vi_Episode


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I voted for Vi’s editing / drawing school and I’d love to be tagged if/when you open!!


I voted for Vi’s editing/drawing school.
Tag me when it will open!

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