What should I name my new FT story?

I’m not sure what to name my new story, please enter some suggestions bellow.

The plotline is:

Spin off of tangled

MC - rapunzel
LI - prince/ess or servant
‘MOTHER’ - death from the child for whom death stood godmother
MOTHER - queen
FATHER - king

Rapunzel locked in hut in jungle
Prince/ess ashton walks along, meets rapunzel
Falls out with ‘mother’
Discovers who is
Banishes her from country
Lives in country
Meets servant angel disguised as prince (like cinderella)
Choose LI
Has twins - hansel and gretel
Tries find parents
Asks different fairy tales about them
Finds them
Children get tempted by gingerbread house

Thanks, guys!

I’ve got three main options:

  • Locked In The Jungle
  • Never-Neverland
  • Combinding Worlds

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The lost PRincess
The Twins of the lost princess
LOcked in the jungle


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I am not very good with titles

I really like the locked in the jungle one, but I want it to sound a bit more magical, if that’s possible?

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You clearly are :+1:

I just thought of a song that reminded me of a theme, and I took a line from it as the title.

It’s a dark Peter Pan story, and in “Enter Sandman”, I used “Take my hand, we’re off to Never-Never Land”, then shortened it to "Never-Neverland.

I really like that! tysm!!! :+1: :smile:

It’s my new title

I’d say Never-Never Land BUT make sure that you base your story on the original Rapunzel tale, not Tangled! Tangled is the copyrighted version :wink:

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