What should I name my story?/ - poll

  • His Temptation
  • If The Stars Align

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What do you say about something between them two made from 2 words which talks for itself. A title is a pretty big procent of a story as the cover!:star_struck: This things catch the readers.

what? sorry bro I don’t understand what ur asking/saying :joy::thinking::heart:

Ha :sweat_smile:! Just trying to help you… However you can choose whatever you want. Just an opinion.:wink:

no! I don’t mean it in a rude way, I actually didn’t understand
of course I want ur opinion
omggg pls don’t be mad at me

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Of course I am not! :blush: Don’t worry I am okay, really feeling good.:wink:

I understood your point.:heart:

okay so I am literally the dumbest person ever. I totally get what u were saying! thanks so much for the advice! ur so right :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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sorry my bad

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