What should i name my story?

Weird that i am asking for advice on the title of my story… but…
Basically the plot goes like this:
6 kids find a dead body of a woman in an abandoned building.

It is basically an adventure, kinda horror story.
Does it help that the 6 kids are kinda weird?

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That’s a pretty generic plot sentence (in that it doesn’t give enough to name it). Maybe give the town the story takes place in a catchy or weird name and call the story the name of the town.

Like if the town was called Salem, name the story Salem.

Hmm… what about…
The Abandoned Corpse
The Mysterious Death of The Woman (or maybe add her name in instead of “the woman”)
I can come up with better titles if you tell us the genre of the story.

@ViviOfficially It is basically an adventure story

Hmmm… Maybe ,“The death of a kid.”
Even though they’re not dead, they’re experiencing what it looks like.

(The) Weird 6?

I don’t really know. I typically name my stories around a major plot event or idea that follows through the story.
Like I named my Star Power Hopeless in Hollywood because the MC basically is this kind of naive girl trying to get a job in this world she knows little about (this sounds so much more interesting than my story actually is, lol).

Thank you.
Sorry i didn’t give a more detailed description of my story, it pretty much is a work in progress

The dead we saw

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Or “The building”

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