What should my new story be called

Hi guys, i’m new to the writing side of episode. I wanted to start an episode book of my own…so here i am. I can’t think of a good name for the book though. So like can you guys give me some ideas.

(I already have the teaser lol)

“You get an invention to a down beautiful theatre, with no expenses! The place runs like the 1970s. As you get comfortable, the shows start! So do the murders, with each play getting more intense can you solve the mystery.”



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so first tip dont think of episode as a book, but more like a movie or tv show, or at least a comic or manga.

the story plot might be good, sound interesting, but it will be a lot of work to make it good. for name idea

Foul play

One way ticket.

Curtain call


thanks i wouldn’t have known :sweat_smile:

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thanks. if i end up using one of your name ideas how should i credit you?

you dont need to give credit for a title

K thanks!

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