What should my story be about?


I’ve been been thinking about writing a story’s but I don’t know what to write to about? DO you have have any suggestions?


What about a queen with psychic powers but a court jester is blocked from her vision and they end up finding love in each other?


what genres do you like to write ?


That sounds good, what if the queen has powers and the jester can see through it (and the royal family). But the queen doesn’t know the jester isn’t under her control, and when the princess threatens to expose her she’s traps her and the jester has to rescue her. It’s a fantasy and romance sort of story. But if i write this story I might have to find a partner in directing.


Usually fantasy


okay, working off of her plot, perhaps the royal family is descended from fairies or another magical creature ?
and for the jester to be immune to the powers, he’s also descended from magical creatures.

the royal family finds out there’s another family descended from magical creatures (the Jester’s family) & they’re scared they’ll takeover.

the Queen might want the other family to be in charge so the royal family kidnap her so she can’t use her powers to make this happen.


Can you go over the third part I’m a bit confused.


Yes! That sounds amazing! I would DEFINITELY read that!


I’m still a little confused about the third part of @Starlynn storyline, could you explain it to me.


Ahh! What she’s saying is that the Queen (MC of the story) might not want to be in power anymore and so she’d let the Jester’s family rule over the kingdom (also because she fell in love with him) but the MC’s family doesn’t want to lose their royal title so they kidnap the MC and keep her from using her powers to allow the Jester’s family to rule the kingdom. Does that help?


Yes, a lot actually. This sounds like a fun project to work on, have you written any stories? If you have do you have any directing tips?


Yes actually! I’ve written two single directed stories and one co-directed story! And I’m also working on another co-directed story! Of course! What would you like to know?


So the camera pans. (Ex: so when a authors moves the camera pov to only a head or feet) how could I do that?


Oh! All you have to do is code it to say @zoom on (spot coordinates) in 0. And then let’s say you start out on the feet and you want to move up to head (like showing the reader the outfit they chose) all you would have to code it to say would be @zoom on (spot coordinates) in (ex. 8).


Oh thank you :blush:, (I’m totally going to be looking for videos online too) but what should the story be called?


Just a quick suggestion.

Try making a outline about like, five things that’ll happen in the first episode.

I find that making the shortest outline can help out when trying to detail a good first episode. (Adding stuff while writing though.)


Hmm, what about Queendom lies?


I’ll definitely try that! It sounds like a good way to sort through script.


Yea, that’s a good name for it.


So do you plan to write the story in INK style or Limelight?