What should readers know about the characters after reading the first 3 episodes?

What are some things the reader should know about the characters after the first 3 episodes?


It depends on how much they need to know for example:

Names- unless there is some strange character the reader needs to work out in that case slowing the details about that character down can create mystery.

Some format of what’s going on for example don’t jump from place to place the reader can get bored quickly if the are just randomly moving places for example school to the shops.

If the character is working what type of work do they do and are they happy or unhappy.

I’m not sure of much more age can be something to think about but don’t throw it all in too quickly.


I’d like to add that they should know each character’s personality.

Distinct characters make the story interesting and they get the reader more invested. Eg. An emotional scene will have a bigger impact if we know the characters.

Note: don’t tell the readers what the characters personalities are, show them.


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We should have some sense of their major goal / motivation and some of their smaller ones. These are both shaped by and will continue to shape the MCs personality. Likewise, we should understand their values though of course these can change through out the story. These are the things that will open up opportunities to have the reader relate to the character and be invested in them. Once the reader is invested in the characters, then you can reveal their past and other relevant information that will help us follow their character development