What should the (mc aka serenity) job be?

Okay so i am writing a new story and its about What happens when Serenity cross path with Elijah Esposito the leader of the Italian mafia, will his dangerous life push serenity away, I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WANT SERNITY JOB TO BE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME OUT PLEASE I AM STRUGLING??


depending on how you want to write Serenity if you’re looking for a type of powerful job and powerful women I think a lawyer or even a business woman fits the description.


Okay thanks!

Maybe a photographer who loves nature and the beauty in almost everything :heart:



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  • Teacher
  • Doctor
  • FBI agent (bonus for more plotting)
  • Fast food/grocery bagger
  • Accountant
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Omg, it would be so powerful if she was a FBI agent!!!

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agreed and also if she despises people like him and tries to get him locked up

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yess! but hopelessly falls in love and hates loving him

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omg like it would honestly be so good. Like imagine her taking up a case to find out who he is who, he works for and lock him up. but fails miserably.

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omg yes! and then when she finally allows herself to love him, she becomes part in the mafia and becomes a villain herself
I would definitely read it!

lol me too!

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