What should we host


Hello community/family Episode harmony is hosting a contest since it has been a month since Episode harmony was created and every month we host a contest we have been thinking all day and we came up with 3 ideas

. Fairvote singer

How does this contest work hmm

  • Fairvote singer
  • Dancer
  • TV show

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Well we all have a fairvote singer so we will get to make art of them for examples cover,splash,art scene etc

. dancer

We all have a fairvote dancer or inspiration or we love dancing well it’s time we made art with it @LivLoveDance7 loves to dance

.TV show

We all love watching TV shows one of my favorite is the Big ban theroy well it’s time you be part of it or make your own

Well that’s all of the idea

Please vote if you have any information just contact us


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Why was I tagged exactly?


Why have I been tagged? Why are you tagging all these people?


To vote


Okay. By the way, there’s a typo:

It’s spelt ‘favourite’ or ‘favorite’. :slight_smile:


I know its auto correct



Mkay… I was just correcting you. Calm down.


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Let’s host a BBQ! I’ll bring potato salad…




I dunno if you tagged me, but my favorite TV show is The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, among many others.