What should you do before starting an episode story?

Hey so i have an idea for a new story and i was wondering what should you do before publishing. iknow the basics of coding but im not perfect in it. what do you guys recommend to perfect your story in coding and just plots and stuff.

For coding:

  1. Joseph Evans’ YouTube Tutorials for basics.
  2. Dara Amarie’s Guides for more advanced coding.
  3. Coding 101 on the Episode App by @TalGordin
  4. Visit the forums if you have any issues with coding, as there are many people here to help you and topics which may already have answers to your problem(s).
  5. Read the official coding guides written by the episode team. They can be found in the “Guides” tab of the portal.
  6. Also highly recommend you code your story in accordance with the guidebox, since this allows more viewers to see your characters’ faces, dialogue bubbles and narrations bubbles. The guidebox option can be found on the left when previewing your story.


  1. Plan out your story, especially the beginning, end and any mattering choices, gains, points etc to help you and your story remain organized.
  2. You should also prepare yourself for hatemail or hurtful constructive criticism, as publishing your story will leave you open to any, and all opinions someone has of your work whether it is positive or negative.

For errors:

  1. Have your story proofread and beta tested by various proofreads and testers who have different devices, these people can also give you constructive criticism on anything within your story.

For sensitive topics or concerns:

  1. Have your story tested by sensitivity readers who can give you a more intimate perspective and advice.

For guidelines:

  1. Read the guidelines to make sure your story does not violate the TOS.
  2. Have your story reviewed by the Episode Team before publishing if you have any concerns with it.
  3. Highly recommend that you present your readers with content warnings.

ty!!! i did watch tutorials already tho.

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