What size for splashes?

Hello everyone! :female_detective:

I’ve spent a lot of time working on my first 4 chapters, which is why I now want to deal with covers and splashes for my story.
I already have the sizes for the small and large cover, but unfortunately I don’t know, which size the splashes should have.
I just want to try it myself first. :sweat_smile:

I hope someone can help me!

Best wishes from Germany! :woman_technologist:

Hey I can create splashes for you if you’d like :upside_down_face:

link to my examples\1


Thank you, @Alisha.Sophie ! :blush:

Hey @Faith.S :grin:

Thank you for your offer, but I would like to try it myself first. But I’ll contact you if I don’t succeed! :sweat_smile:

ok np