What size is a 4 zone background? (Edit: Or a 5 zone?)

if anyone knows :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (edit: or a 5 zone background?)

I’ve never seen a four zoned background, although here is what a five zoned one looks like.
Although episode usually allows us to upload three zoned backgrounds.


Do you the size of a 5 zone?

you can only uploade 3 zones backrounds,

I know you can add it as an overlay. I’ve done it before I just forgot what size it was.

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I’m not entirely sure but I think you would just do 640 x 4 or 640 x 5 since 1 zone is 640 and 2 zone is 1280 which is just 640 x 2 and likewise 640 x 3 is 1920 the size of a 3 zone.

So a 5 Zone one would be 3200 x 1136 and a 4 zone would be 2560 x 1136.

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I’ll try that! Thank you!

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it worked, thank you!

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