What some popular TV shows and/or movies that you haven’t watched?

Shows that I never watched:

  1. Euphoria
  2. Never Have I Ever
  3. You
  4. Stranger Things
  5. Kim Possible

Movies that I never watched

  1. Mean Girls (it’s on my watch list)
  2. Star Wars (all of them)
  3. Aladdin
  4. Twilight (all of them)
  5. Harry Potter (all of them)

There’s more to this list.


Never have I ever watched beauty and the best :,) animation or remake. And Star Wars.

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I never seen Star Wars. I prefer stand alone movies.

There’s a ninety percent chance I haven’t watched anything popular considering I’ve probably watched less than 100 shows and movies put together…:skull:

I’ve never watched Mean Girls, have no clue what Euphoria or Never Have I Ever, I think Yellowstone is popular(?) haven’t seen that.

I don’t even know what’s popular so I can’t mention anything :rofl:

I have no clue what Never Have I Ever is about either. I seen a video about Euphoria which talked about the wardrobe. I use to hear people talk about the show but it doesn’t interest me.

I haven’t watched Gossip girl (plan to maybe), Supernatural (looks boring), Outer Banks (also boring), Wednesday(don’t plan to bc it seems overrated and Tim Burton is apparently racist), and the Scream movies (I might watch them)

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Mean girls, star wars, marvel ( i watched a few here and there but not every one), stranger thing, wednesday and what you mentioned

I heard that Tim Burton said something like “POCs don’t fit my style” or something. I don’t know if it’s true or not.

I’ve seen the first Scream but I can’t remember if I seen the others.

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I don’t watch marvel or D.C. since I don’t like superhero movies.

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Yeah thats fine I havent watched them either but I do plan to someday :slight_smile:

I’ve seen Infinity War (even though I didn’t really know the characters besides Peter Parker. I’ve also seen both Deadpool movies.

I can’t watch Breaking Bad. I know that the show is in top of best TV shows, but as for me it’s too depressing. I’ve recently came out of recommendations and tried to start watching it again but didn’t go further the third episode. However, I won’t force myself watching sth I don’t like. So I’m looking for more recommendations. Taking into account I’ve installed VPN after reading this article, I’ll definitely find sth for my taste.

Anything on Netflix cuz I don’t have it. Haven’t watched Friends, either.

i haven’t watched friends and star war movies (not even a single one )

  1. Nightmare on Elm Street or any Freddy movies.
  • Not because they scare me, just look really stupid.
  1. IT
  • Not because I’m terrified of clowns, just curious as to why a grown man’s life’s ambition was to make balloon animals and chase kids around." Weird. I don’t mind scary, bloody, zombie clowns with messed up facepaint and blood everywhere… but the perfect circus clown face is just creepy.
  1. Annabelle–
  • I once attempted to watch this movie with my (now) husband. I lasted the opening credit and said “Nope. I’m out.” I hate porcelain dolls-that’s a whole other story though lmao!

TV shows is a long list but a few.

  1. Euphoria – heard good review, still haven’t watched.
  2. Harlem – literally every time I see it “bet that’s an awesome show, I’ll watch it later”-- never do.
  3. Supernatural – I’ve caught a few episodes here and there but never actually committed to watching it.
  4. Suits (old yes I know)

And, bonus, until this past year (at age 32) I had never watched a single anime. Ever. Everyone I know either watches/used to watch them. I didn’t. Now I like them. lol

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