What songs are stuck in your head?


mooo by doja cat


Chlorine by Twenty Øne Pilots :heart_eyes:



Also moo it is a guilty song that is stuck in my head :pensive::slightly_frowning_face:


Bohemian Rhaspody by Queen


Dan Caplen - Blinded By The Lights (The Streets Cover) :musical_note:


SUCH A BOP! ahhhh


Ik that I just misspelled that and I was rushing I had to babysit


Today it’s Bullet For My Valentine - Don’t Need You :heart_eyes_cat:

BFMV is honestly such an amazing band <3 <3 <3



‘Stereo hearts’ I hear it all the time


the music video is so sad omg :sob::sob::heart_eyes_cat:



Legends Never Die and Christina Perri- Jar of Hearts is stuck in my head atm

Seriously, check out Christina Perri- Jar of Hearts, it’s a beautiful song <3


These songs are also stuck in my head: Battle Scars and Phantom of the Opera (METAL VERSION) ~ Jonathan Young cover ft. Malinda Kathleen Reese


Hear the whole song please!