What Sort Of Stories Do U Like Reading? (:

Hi there, I’m wondering what sort of things people like to read and what people like about those stories (:

Questions =

  • What Genres Do U Like To Read?
  • Why Do U Like Those Genres?
  • What Sort Of Contents Do U Like In A Story?
  • Why Do U Like It?
  • What Sort Of Things Make Your Heart Melt In Romance Stories?
  • Why Does It Make Your Heart Melt?
  • What Makes U Stop Reading A Story?
  • Why Does It Make U Stop Reading?

If U Could Answer Any Of These Questions For Me, I Would Be Very Grateful

Megan (:


I like romance. Idk why but I just do. :joy: I like sweet romance stories when someone is trying to make someone fall in love with them but slowly with lots of emotions ad surprises.
When the LI or the MC is speaking from their heart and saying excatly what they think of the person they love makes my heart melt. :pleading_face: Especially when they are somewhere peacefull with no other people.
What makes me stop reading a story? Well, tbh I don’t know. When the story isn’t interesting to me anymore. It doesn’t happen very often but mostly when it’s close to the end and there aren’t many things happening anymore.
Also, this early acces thing. I just get really angry when I wait for months for the author to publish a new chapter and then it’s the early acces which means you have to pay gems to read it or wait for 1 week until the author releases it for free. Bruh, I hate that. It makes me very angry and then I say ,You know what? I waited for a long time just to read the new chapter and now I have to pay for it when I don’t even have any gems because I’m broke lol. I am not reading that story anymore." And I really don’t. I delete it from my favourites and that’s it because it’s really annoying. :triumph: Even if the story is interesting I stop reading it because of this. That’s mostly why I stop reading a story.
I hope this helps. <3


Thank u so much for responding (:

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I just think reading about cute romances is amazing and takes you away from the real world.
A cute yet not rushed romance. Like I love the star crossed lovers trope but not when they barely know each other. Forbidden romances are cute but no teacher student forbidden.
The risk they are taking to be together and usually the LI is so cute like secretly likes her but doesn’t say it.
The LI showing they like the MC even if it is something simple.
It’s cute and makes you wish you had someone who cares like that.
Gang/mafia/controlling LI makes me stop reading (I have more things but that is quite the list.)
Because I don’t like the LI feeling as though he/she can control the MC because they “love” them.

So long lol

I like fantasy and action. But it needs romance, comedy and drama on its side. I don’t think any genre can be read alone.

I’m more of a fan of MC’s and LI’s frequent fights. It pleases me to read that the characters have a lot of fights between them, that they are sad and that there are regrets. It makes me happy to read about the little romantic, funny and emotional moments that happened during all the bad things that happened. And I like strong MC’s and LI’s who don’t give up on MC.

I hate it when LI treats MC like she’s his property and MC doesn’t object to it. God, kill me now… MC couldn’t resist LI because she was so in love with LI…? Oh please don’t- And I don’t like reading a story made of cotton candy. I don’t like reading about characters talking and being lovers after seeing each other. Lol they always say that “she’s different”, “she’s different”. HOW is she different?! I’d like it to be told well in the story.

What makes me stop reading a story? Lol I know the answer to this question very clearly. I have a very clear problem. When I feel that everything is going well, the characters are starting to reunite, there are a lot of romantic moments and I’m coming to the end of the story or the series, I leave it. I hate that about me but it is what it is. It makes me so sad that everything has an end… I just can’t accept it. For example, in stories with two or more love interests, when the author tells us to choose, I can no longer enjoy that story. Because you know, in general, authors offer us this choice at the end of the story… But that doesn’t mean I didn’t read that story, of course. I always come back to finish it after a long time.

Hope this helps :llama:

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  1. I love romance and drama! Those are definitely my favourite.
  2. I like these genres ONLY on episode because I feel like the romantic stories are also life lesson stories, plus they are always heartfelt for me!
  3. I like it when something that I’ve never seen in another story or expected happens!
  4. Because it makes me want to read more, it gets my heart racing and makes me keep wondering!
  5. When after a long time of difficulty and of them trying to figure everything out, then they end up together or when there is a scene when one of them is talking so kindly about the other (okay this one is odd but I like it when guys get jealous as well :relaxed::smirk:)
  6. When all the sudden, a gem choice comes up! That is so annoying.
  7. Because why do we need to pay gems to make a choice?

@bakedpotato. @Daisy084 & @rina.writes =

Thank u so much for your responses, I really appreciate it (:


No problem!!

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I like anything that shakes my core.

For example,

I hate this character so much I’m gonna throw this phone.

Because stories like that really get my attention. They’re mostly like all genres actually it just depends what the storyline is. I’ll only stop reading the story if i get bored and the story is slow


I like tearjerkers, you don’t see a lot of those around here. Like a real, genuine, emotional romance where there are bittersweet moments and relieving ones


@Solarnetic & @HaAnh = Thank u (:

  • What Genres Do U Like To Read? Mystery, Horror, Thriller and Romance
  • Why Do U Like Those Genres? It makes me happy and satisfied. Also I have kind of detective side so it helps me think carefully.
  • What Sort Of Contents Do U Like In A Story? Contents which is properly shown without mess. Also no much use of cliches please! Otherwise everything is fine!!
  • Why Do U Like It? As I said in the 2nd Answer.
  • What Sort Of Things Make Your Heart Melt In Romance Stories? When the characters finally share their feelings and care and love for each other!
  • Why Does It Make Your Heart Melt? I love ‘love’ but never experienced it properly so it makes my heart melt to see that love exists!!!
  • What Makes U Stop Reading A Story? Too much use of cliches and stupidness. Big fights due to small misunderstanding, etc. I can make a list lol!!!
  • Why Does It Make U Stop Reading? Makes me want to puke and also cringed me the most :joy:

tbh i don’t really have a typical type of story that i like ? i don’t really drift towards one specific genre … i just enjoy good writing, and the variant of narrative isn’t really that important to me. i suppose i appreciate genuine diversity in a story (eg there are characters that aren’t white, cishet, allistic/neurotypical, etc) … i’ve never understood when authors are like “but it just wouldn’t be realistic for there to be more than one queer person in this friendship group” like i haven’t seen a straight person in weeks … forced diversity is a really strange concept to me because ??? of course it’s realistic for people to be diverse ??? diverse people aren’t fictional :skull: autistic people and trans people and gay people exist everywhere it’s completely realistic for them to exist within this fictional realm of your creation …

so yeah tl;dr as long as there’s diversity within a cast i probably won’t have any problems with it


there isn’t a specific genre i’d say that i like but i do seem to gravitate towards the action/spy genre but with a lot of comedy - stories like I Despise You, Infamous, Dead 7, Meet the Mendozas, War Dogs, etc. A good story with characters and a narrative that “connect” with me keep me hooked. I do read fantasy, romance, etc. even if they’re not at all funny but i’m less likely to come across/read them The sort of content I like is a good story with comedy to keep it light. Another thing is that you can tell when authors a sort of just waffling and don’t really have a plan so planned and structured stuff is something that I like. Something I like in romance stories is when the little things matter (like Iridescent) - simple but effective. It just makes it seem so much more realistic and wholesome. There is quite a lot that can put me off a story but I’ll try to only name a few. Bad grammar - not just a few mistakes but really bad grammar. Extremely short episodes make me stop reading too bc I can’t read a story where I feel like I’m wasting my passes. Cliches and predictability are also things that put me off bc what’s the point in reading the story any further?

I’ve heard that basic directing puts people off but I think if they have good narratives and characterisation, that’s enough to carry the story and make up for the basic directing. There are many authors who, since they have had support since their “basic days,” now use really complex directing and haven’t lacked in story or characterisation so I think it’s good to support “basic” directors.

So yh that’s what I think.

  • What Genres Do U Like To Read? I like to read mystery and romance
  • Why Do U Like Those Genres? I like romance because I feel you can do a lot with it and mystery cuz it’s just fun.
  • What Sort Of Contents Do U Like In A Story? I like a sob story, (NO JEALOUS EXES) maybe a mean girl gang, good directing and relatable characters
  • Why Do U Like It? Cuz I like enjoying a story
  • What Sort Of Things Make Your Heart Melt In Romance Stories? A couple just being happy and actually showing what it is like to be in a relationship, not pretending it is this amazing thing all the time.
  • Why Does It Make Your Heart Melt? Cuz it is relatable
  • What Makes U Stop Reading A Story? Extremely long-winded chapter, Long paragraphs of dialogue, cringe, Cliche, Massive introductions at the start of the story
  • Why Does It Make U Stop Reading? I lose interest in things so quickly so if you start saying a bunch of words at me, I just get bored…
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