What sort of stories do YOU wanna see on episode?

I always see the bad boy stories, the mafia and gang stories, the nerd girl who gets all the attention by changing her looks and very minimum stories with actual unique and rare plots!

So I’m curious, what kind of stories do YOU wanna see in episode?


i want fantasy! but not like classic fight between werewolves and vampires or a girl that finds out that she has powers. a fanaty story not focused on romance would be great!

  • More sibling relationships.
  • more action stories that DOESN’T have mafia in it. Action always doesn’t need to be mafia.
  • More witch, ghost, goblin, dragon, siren stories.
  • Stories that have diversity and portrayed correctly.
  • Stories that have awareness in them.
  • More Pet stories,
  • Stories that DOESN’T have romance in them.
  • More Male MC stories.
  • More Job stories ( example: lifeguard story, police story, etc.)
  • More comedy ( if u have good taste in making the reader laugh)
  • More HORROR stories
  • More LGBT+ stories.
  • More Scifi stories
  • Stories that give strong messages in them.

Different plots. It’s just so easy to create something new but we always have the same kind of stories…

There are cliche stories, then, there are… stories you’ve seen 1000 times. Cliche stories are fine for me, just not the ones I’ve seen 1000 times.


I would love to see more fantasy stories and more period drama stories (I’m obsessed with those lol).


I’m actually writing one to raise awareness for suicide and depression. It’s a romance/medical drama though…

Something which might interest you?

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that’ll definitely interest me! Not many of them on episode…

The first three are up. It doesn’t go into it straight away the first few episodes is getting to know the characters but it’ll come in later on :+1:t2:

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it doesnt take me to it, that never seems to work for me… is it published? Whats it called?

Hmm that’s odd.

Well it’s called Second Chance, the author: Josie Jackson :+1:t2:

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awesome! I’ll check it out now

No worries thanks xx

More horror stories
More male Mc
Less romance
A sci-fi story would be cool
Interesting new plots


Most definitely! Please let me know when you’ve published the story.
Edit: I see you’ve posted the story in a response to someone else so I’ll give it a read.

Yeah, I posted it a few days ago :+1:t2:

  • POLYAMORY!!! and consensual open relationships
  • Stories that highlight the dangers of unsafe sex aside from pregnancy
  • Male + Male romance
  • Stories where you have to work on something, similar to Demi Lovato’s story
  • More comedy stories that go beyond “pizza is bae” jokes

I may be alone on this last one but I want more unrealistic stories, like stories with situations that would only happen once in a lifetime, like maybe winning a million dollars for example or finding big foot and him turning out to be just a cool ass hairy man…like things we’d never think would happen to us.


Bahaha I’m with ya there :joy:

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More male MC
More alternate universe stories. Like in fanfictions!!


You can try my story Tribe of Malapinchi hahaha

It has Point 4, Point 3 but Asian version of horror entities, Point 5 : Awareness in disability, diversity and rea life issues, Point 7 : no romance, Pt 11 (it is a horror tragedy story) and Point 14: Lots of messages in them as well.

Do give it a try haha :slight_smile:


I don’t really have a preference for genres, I love all of them almost equally.
One of the things I CAN NOT STAND is clichés. By clichés I mean:

  • Good girl falls for the bad boy (self-explanatory)
  • Mafia Stories (I don’t see what is so interesting about Mafia, am I the only one who thinks Mafia is a boring subject?)
  • Girl tries to get crush’s attention (self-explanatory)
  • Heartless Romances (In my opinion it’s better to have no romance at all than to have heartless ones.)
    A topic I have an “Unpopular Opinion” on is how interactive the story is.
    Now, everyone will say “Yeah. You like interactivity. Got it.”
    I do like it. But with a limit. I do not like stories that are too interactive. Sure, a moderate amount of mini games and choices that matter always make the story better, but excessive mini games and choices are just like video games, and I will be clear: I am not on Episode to play video games.
    For customization it’s the same as for choices that matter. If I had to choose between full customization and no customization I would choose no customization. I do prefer limited customization and regular hairstyle changes. Lipstick isn’t super important for me. I just like the character to have some default features that can’t be changed.
    Note: I do NOT hate video games! I just like Episode and video games as two different things.