What sounds more interesting?

  1. After you first love dies in a fatal car crush you think you can never love again, that’s until you meet Noah Miller. A hot successful business owner.

  2. You’ve always liked Jacob Jones, but one thing comes between you and Jacob. And that is Jacob is your brothers best friend.

  3. When you get a new job after college you never thought your boss would be a prince. Things get steamy but can you keep your hands to yourself?

  4. After being expelled from you Ivy League school your forced to enlist in a public school, what happens when the most hottest boys are twins. Who will you choose?

    1. Falling in love
    1. Brothers best friend
    1. Your boss is a prince
    1. Hot twins

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For some weird reasons I found the first one interesting the most and eventually chose it.


To me they are all cliche asf, but I would go with Number 1.


1 seems the most original :grin:

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