What Speech Bubble Color?


I’m writing a new story and I wanted to ask your opinions.

Blue OR Purple Speechbubbles?


Wait just hold up a sec. You can change the color of them???




You can change the outline of the speech bubbles. The original outline is blue.

And you can do that by starting a new story and naming it Demi Lovato for a purple outline or naming it Mean Girls for a pink outline.
Then you can change the name of the story to whatever you want.


Which color do you prefer?


I like the blue tbh. And Id love to be able to use the black like in PLL. But I vote purple.


I know right? Purple just seems to have more of a “neutral” theme. As it’s not pink or blue.
Like some believe that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. But purple is right in the middle and can be used for any story genre.


What about Character Style? I am SO team ink but I want to know your thoughts


I vote blue but that’s just because it’s my favourite color. I also like Ink a lot more than the other styles


Tell me about it. Honestly, limelight faces just creep me out. I guess they look a little bit more realistic than ink but some of their actions just seem fake. I think I will always be team ink lol.


The purple ones look really nice, I gotta say :smile:


Blue = default
Pink = Enter Mean Girls as story title when you create it
Purple = Enter Demi Lovato when you create the story




Bubble color: purple
Style: INK
Those are my favourites bubbles color and style


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