What stories are you guilty pleasure?

What genre or even plot is your guilty pleasure? There a lot of discussions about mafia stories, about them being wrong and all this stuff, but still if it’s your guilty pleasure then there is nothing wrong, no judgement in this thread. You can even name stories, if you’d like to, I’ll check them out!


Episode parodies. They’re just…so…beautiful…and meem…


Whirlwind romances when done right as opposed to slow burns (unpopular opinion but this gets tiresome for me eventually, I don’t like it) although it’s nothing to be guilty of :laughing: I’m fine with it.


Stories where the MC and LI start making out as soon as they meet because they felt a “connection”… I love to cringe at them.


Supernatural stories if you haven’t already Darkitty has the best to me (open to suggestions :relaxed:)

And I’m writing a mafia story :woman_facepalming:t4: I decided to do my story a little differently then the regular mafia stories I’ve read cause honestly I know crap about that actual world :joy: so I decided to make a twist to it

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Darker themes. Not as in dark mode in browsers, I mean stories with darker paths and development.
I like stories where the plot chucks the characters on high stakes, or at an all-time-low whilst requiring them to overcome their life obstacles.
I like characters who fought for that one thing he/she wanted to preserve, just to have him/her succeeding in saving everything except that.
I like villains who became evil and bad, with or without personal vendetta, due to the main hero.

It sucks to be that character, but I somehow enjoy watching them struggle :joy::skull: or break down, for extreme cases.


I’ll check it out, thanks for sharing!

That’s a good thing that you decided to write a mafia story from slightly different point of view, I’m actually pretty interested, if you won’t forget to and will be okay with that, you could reply to this comment once you publish it and I’ll read it :slight_smile:

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I feel you, I haven’t read a really dark story in a long time though, but I’m into that as well

Sure! :relaxed: