What stories are you reading currently?


I’m reading/finished these…
Fine Line. by Ebonni,
Blurred lines. by SK Tales,
Adrenaline. by Ebonni,
Her protector. by Courtney Bre,
Death’s Game: A New Era. by earlgreytea,
House of Fun. by The Tea Psychos

1.Pregnant by the bad boy inhaler. by Jalissa
2.Fantastical: Issac The Fairy King. by Jalissa+Ebonni



I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE RISE AND FALL OF NOAH CAGE!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I am on Episode 6. I cant stop reading it! I hope you feel the same way about this story! Maybe we could talk about it sometime?


Love the first episode of Babysitting the bad boy!:face_with_hand_over_mouth::shushing_face: I might have a quarter of a dirty mind​:shushing_face:


I just read Noah Cage and instantly thought of Nicolas Cage


Who is Nicholas Cage?


I just finished reading Save our souls, its a ongoing story that i really enjoyed :purple_heart:


I am currently reading like 30 different stories that I’m waiting to be updated but the story I am currently reading is called “Evil Is Created” (the Ink version)…


lmao, this “Actor” that’s in really bad movies and such a meme


I read a lot but the best one I think is The night we met by @BarS
I cried for a week after I finished reading The Night We Met.


I seriously love you so much ok thank you