What stories you would and would not like to see more?


So… My question is what stories would you or would not like to see more
Maybe You want to see

  • Bullies
  • Highschool Drama
  • Bad boys

And maybe IDK Pussilla wants to see

  • Pregenancy

                              YOUR OPINION

No more bad boys if you’re just gonna make them smoke wear leather and ride a motorcycle into the sunset

All of these are fine just show them better maybe instead of being mean the popular person is nice for once excluding the goody two shoes boy

And for gods sake let pregnancy be planned for once


Those were just examples
Those 3 are what I don’t like that much :joy:

Changed it up.

My Bad Boy - A guy that is just simply understood, sure he got suspended a couple times but no one ever really looks at his backstory to why he got suspended. Maybe he isn’t that emotional and just needs a stable group of loyal people by his side. He can be funny and love soft animals, simply he is just misunderstood


A planned pregnancy story would be great;^;


Tired of:

  • Mafia/gang stories
  • Unplanned pregnancies not a fan of planned pregnancies but I definitely dislike unplanned ones
  • Bad boy stories, at this point I won’t read anything that describes a guy as a bad boy. I like LIs who don’t always follow the rules when the rules are wrong, but half of these bad boys are just brats.
  • Sexy boss stories, bleh
  • Ik this isn’t necessarily overdone on Episode, but I’m tired of Medieval fantasy, especially if there’s no research at all into the time period and people are just struttin’ around with handguns.

I’ll greedily pick up any story that has:

  • Present-day or near-future fantasy, especially complex fantasy with unusual mythology or completely original concepts (ie. Not just werewolves, vampires, and witches)
  • Dystopian near-future sci-fi, I absolutely melt for those lmao
  • A combination of those two :heart_eyes:

I would really enjoy a dark and cold fantasy story.


Tbh I’m tired of happy endings. I’m tired of the two main characters getting together, I mean if there’s a sequel where it’s another persons story but they occasionally show up and figure out that they actually like each other, then that would be cool with me. But it’s like they have to get together to complete the story. Which I’m not gonna say in all bad because whenever I write in gd that’s always how I try to plan it.

I also hate that just off the bat you can guess the ending ,like it’s not even new to you anymore. I would like to see some deaths, some…confusion ig.

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tired of :

  • boy(s) who treat the MC like trash and MC is still inlove with them/him
  • LI’s girlfriend/boyfriend is rude to us (i mean i would be rude is someone is trying to steal my man . but the MC is just talking to him/her and the girlfriend/boyfriend is mad/jealous because MC is talking to her/him )
  • MC’s bestfriend that is a party animal .Can we just have some badass bestfriend that hates parties?
  • populars girls that is rude to MC . Not all the populars girls are rude
  • the typical bad boy LI
  • mean girls that are in the cheerleading club . Can we have mean girls that are in science club or technology or other , anything that doesn’t have anything to do with cheerleading ?

what i would like to see more

  • unique bad boys that aren’t cliches
  • populars girls that are nice to MC
  • mean girls that aren’t in the cheerleading club or whatever . Can we have mean girls that are in science club or technology or other , anything that doesn’t have anything to do with cheerleading?
  • unique MC
  • bully/mean girl have a Reason of why do he/she/they bullies other people

ikr! One of the reasons I love fantasy/medieval type stories is that you had to have some sort of skill. You couldn’t just go around shooting everything you see with your gun. But then there are stories that have guns even though it’s supposed to be medieval!


What I would like to see more:

  • Diversity (without stereotypes)
  • Shy guys
  • Awkward guys
  • Girls who are confident
  • Girls who are flirty
  • Girls who are strong and muscular
  • Relationships between short guys and tall girls
  • Relationships between a shy guy and a confident girl
  • Relationships between a shy guy and a flirty girl

What I would like to see less:

  • Bad boys
  • Mafias
  • Alpha males
  • Stereotypes

Honestly I’d like to see stories set in different countries aside from The U.S. for a change, I like learning about different places and we do have authors from all around the world, so why not make it happen, ya know?



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I LOVE your pfp! I used to watch that show when I was younger :sleepy:

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Lol I still watch it

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What I don’t wanna see:
I don’t really wanna see any more “gang/mafia leader” stories. The trope is sooooo overused (not to say that there aren’t good stories with this type of plot because I’ve read quite a handful of good ones). It just gets a little old, you know? Shy girl from her hometown runs into the “hot dangerous mafia leader”. Blah blah. We’ve all seen it before.

What I do wanna see:

As for what I do want to see, I don’t know really. I think maybe more stories in the fantasy and horror section, exploring paranormal stuff and whatnot. I’d also like to see more stories where the MC is a dude, and I’d like to see more stories where the MC isn’t one-dimensional and maybe is an antagonist instead of an innocent protagonist that has a redemption arc at the end (I’m actually guilty of the innocent do-gooder type MC)


I am same with you

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You should put it into some ideas sharing thread!
It would be really helpful to someone :blush:

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Maybe I should!

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