What story are best on episode app?

I been reading episode story for a little while but I don’t know is better or worse. And somewhere in between.

Comment below if you have any 5 top story to read.

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My top 5 stories are:

  1. AGAIN by Rezogen (Literally my ALL TIME favorite. The story features original characters drawn by the author herself)
  2. Mindreader by Alusza
  3. Counting Sheep by Piccalilly
  4. Wentworth by elle badu
  5. Black Magic by ER Gurney (with art by Sucre)
  1. COMPLICATED BY SAI KEYHART. if you loved Gossip Girl, this is perfect for you! It’s about rich kids, but with a mix of a golden maybe a little bad boy, with another one. It is so, so good. It is my favorite story that I have ever read.
  2. The Shaw Brothers by Violet Madison. Basically there are two lovely brothers, one is good, one is bad… (not too cliche)
  3. Exosculation by Saulitario. Really good vampire story. it’s unique and has two different love interests. definitely one of the best fantasy stories I have read.
  4. Deep Attraction. A good mafia series, I mean it’s not that cliche in my opinion. The best season is the third one with Cole and Cassie.
  5. The New Girl. yeah this one is about Jade Mercer and Landon Wilder. Very huge audience.
  6. I’m sneaking another one in here, but Attracted to the Nerd. So, so good!! The writing is exquisite and like so good?? the author is amazing.
  1. My Alien Lover
  2. Galactic Game
  3. Mindreader
  4. Switch
  5. An Unspoken Attraction

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College of eternity
Bound to bite
Eat me up
Bite my tongue
Heavy hearts

Here’s one more

Where I belong


Thanks and I be writing story soon on episode. :grin:

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I don’t really have a top 5. But Austentatious by E.R. Gurnery is my all time favorite.
I recommend reading the original one, which is longer, and better than the Episode Official version of it.

  1. Bite my tongue
  2. Eat me up
  3. Chain reaction series
  4. Deep attraction series
  5. It’s just an illusion series

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