What story are you currently reading?



What story is in your section currently? What story are you reading?


I am reading a lot of stories at the moment but the one I am planning to finish off is The Night We Met by Bar S. It is so gorgeously written, the descriptive writing is just excellent & the directing is exquisite.

It is a drama story.

Next is Thrill of the Hunt by Azaria Sin.

I plan on getting that read too when I get the time to. It has a brilliant plot, great diversity, fantastic writing and is fantastically directed.

This is a mystery.


I am currently reading… I just realised I’m waiting for the stories to continue… Tbh no I’m not reading anything cuz I can’t find anything that I like lmao.


Oh, I’m going to try The night we met by. It looks interesting by your description.


What genre are you more into?


I like mystery drama and sometimes a good romance story.


The galactic game


I’m rereading Juvie (or Dangerous Love).


I’m reading Revenge Daddy very good story


Lmao I think I heard of it before.


I’ve finished it, it’s great.


Same! :heart:


Loooool twins :grin:


It’s good right now


Deadly Obsessions: The Series. I’m hooked!


Oh, I am going to read it too! Liked tge description


I’m currently reading

  1. body tangle
    2.the lost treasure of San Javier
    3 Among Us
    4 Assassins of Blackwood

10/10 recommend all of these stories great directing in all of them and overlay use.

  • Bite
  • The Trophy Wife
  • Mean Girls (Rereading)
  • Demi Season One (Rereading)
  • Bad Boy Bachelor Island

I’m reading Bite and TTW on YouTube because… yeah, I found them on YouTube.

I recommend Bite and BBBI because they all hooked my attention. The other ones, not so much. TTW is turning into a cliche drama, Mean Girls is… well, everyone’s read it- I don’t like stories like it that much but it ties me over, and Demi Season One… Well, it just triggers me.


It’s really good.


Has anyone read The Shaw Brothers?