What story do you prefer to read?



Hey guys !:kissing_closed_eyes: Recently I decided to write my own story so I kinda want to know what episodes people like to read. With or without choices, maybe love interests, some cliffhangers ect. You will help me a lot telling your opinion! I’m curious to know :relaxed:


I love good fantasy stories.
Something new with things you don’t know at the start.
I don’t need choices if there is a good plot.
Sometimes it’s better to have less choices and a good plot than many choices and trouble with following the story. :smiley:
And cliffhangers sure a reason to continue to read the story. :stuck_out_tongue:


mystery. It always grabs my attention because often, the choices matter aka many endings. I am left at a cliffhanger which makes me share it and keep reading, I just really like it overall because you can also involve romance drama comedy etc… without straying from the story line.


@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE I love mystery stories too, especially if it’s a good mystery. A good mystery will always keep you wondering and guessing and builds anticipation, and may even surprise you with twists and turns. One of my favorite genres.

I also love to read horror stories. They are sort of “mysterious” too in terms of some of the things I described for mystery stories but in a different way. Fantasy, adventure, and action are pretty nice too. And sometimes Romance, if it’s good.


horror stories are great too! They are like mystery but add more of that suspense and anticipation.


I like romance and comedy. Something funny yet sweet. Just like a movie. Lol


Some kind of mystery combined with comedy so there is an intense plot but its really funny too



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