What Story Have You Played So Much That You Played It The Maximum Number Of Times Allowed?



So, Which Story Do You Look Playing To The Point You Can’t Stop I’m Sure For @PaulParmar1 It’s Chain Reaction!


The reaper twins


Puppy love by @lou.episode


Love or desire by @FieryTenderness


Is there really a limit to the amount of times we can replay a story? What’s the number or replays allowed?


Any number


So you’re saying there’s no limit? I’m confused by the title of this thread implying that there’s a limit to the number of times someone can replay a story. Unless I’ve missed something? :sweat_smile:


You Can Replay A Story Until It Says The Replay List Is Full


Interesting, I had no idea (: I’ve just never replayed a story that many times. So when does the replay list get full? After 10 replays? 20? 30?


Love me some Chain Reaction!!!




For me it’s: Valor Woods and How To Be Funny.


5 times is the maximum


5 times chain reaction and damaged goods


complicated by @complicatedofficial


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