What story seems more appeasing to read?

So I have two story ideas for my first story and I cant decide which one to write first or at all so I’ve turned to the community for some guidance.

My first idea is to do with a girl that has keep up a facade of being strong and independent, looking after her younger brother by herself while balancing school life and jobs she slowly starts to sink, then she meets a vampire that cant remember anything apart from blood and they slowly fall in love while everything collapses around them.

My Second idea is to do with a boy that finds out that he has only a week left to live and is determined to spend it alone until he meets a girl that has also lost her way and they realise that they both are the cure to each-other’s loneliness and fall in love along the way.

I don’t know which one to write, I know vampires are overused but I just can’t decide! Which one sounds like a good one to write about?


i love this one


Still, I feel as though you should write it! Write whichever one you feel more of the urge to write it.


The second one sounds really heartwarming.


Both are great, but the second one sounds so sweet. :heart:


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