What story should I do for the AW contest?

Ok so I have a bunch of ideas for this contest, at the risk of getting my plots stolen I kinda want some input here cuz I honestly can’t decide between them and I like them all equally.

So idea 1 is about a really hardcore gun-loving all-american republican guy who somehow ends up in an alternate world where war and fights and pretty much every form of violence has never existed. He has to grapple with this fact and learn to adjust to world where everybody is a complete pacifist but also has the choice to completely take over everybody in this universe due to the fact that they’re so peaceful they pretty much have zero defense against this guy.
I like this idea because it has pretty much the opposite of the average teenage girl protag that a lot of episode stories have.

The second idea is about a girl who ends up in an alternate universe where, instead of humans, animals are the most intelligent species in the world. She can speak to the animals and it turns out there’s this industry built around humans kinda like how humans have these industries built around animals and they all have really horrible conditions and stuff. It’s the protag’s goal to stop the animals with no help from any other humans.
I think this idea is interesting but I don’t know how it would work without it turning really gory :-/

The third idea is about this girl who keeps on having visions about this girl who has the exact same life as her except she has everything the protag has ever wanted. The universes overlap one day and she gets transported to the other girl’s universe, but it turns out it’s a completely totalitarian universe and the vision girl’s life isn’t as perfect as it seemed. So the protag now has to find a way to get out the “bad” universe.

So which one do you guys think would work the best for an Another Worlds story?

  • First idea
  • Second idea
  • Third idea

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Defintely the third one! Is it gonna be Ink or Lime Light(LL)? @Lizard


Limelight… I’ve only ever made stories in ink before and I wanna switch it up plus I gotta get brownie points from the episode team for using the newer style


I feel like the first stands a chance of pushing the envelope on the content guidelines (politics, maybe violence). Not saying it crosses the line, just that it could be seen that way. A non-zero chance of there being an issue. I just wouldn’t chance it since you have so many other good ideas. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The second, heh, maybe.

The third, though, that one sounds so cool. :sunglasses: I don’t have time to steal it, not that I would -cough-

Also, that profile pic tho. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


If you need help let me know. Honestky if I could, I would enter my book. lol


Dude seeing your fucking profile pic show up when you were replying made me audibly yell its SO funny don’t ever change it. I was kinda using republican in a jokey kind of way but yea I get your point it’s true… if you think my pfp is :sunglasses:-worthy u should see my profile header.


Omg you deleted your reply at the speed of sound but I still saw it how could you not like my weed smoking sonic LOL. And thank you soo much for the offer I’m definitely going with the third option at this point and I might need some help with the ending, which is probably the hardest part for everybody


I didnt wanna get flagged ok.
But, if you need help let me know! I am so up for helping you!

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Absolutely wild. :sunglasses:

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