What story should I publish first/what type of story would you like to read?

Hi, I have almost finished my first story called The Hamilton Affair (INK) as it only has 1 episode left. I am so confused on which story that I could release next.
I have a few options for you all to choose from, I will give you the description of the story, the title of the story and the names of the main characters. After that you can vote in the polls below and the most voted on after a week or two will be the next story to be released.
Option 1 -
Title - The Suicide Game (LL)
Description - I never thought I’d turn into this… An orphan… a teen mom… an ex girlfriend of a murderer! But, this is what I am and I don’t regret it, well most of it…
Main Characters - Nikole, Noah, Darcy, Gracie, Olive, Sienna, Sierra, Kitty, Stefen, Vicki.
Style - Limelight

Option 2 -
Title - The Hamilton Affair (LL)
Description - One founding father. Three Schuyler Sisters. Three jealous enemies. Two greedy pigs. Put them all together and you get one thing: The Hamilton Affair.
Main Characters - Alexander, Angelica, Elizabeth, Aaron, Philip, Eliza, Lafayette, Laurens, Mulligan, George Washington, Maria, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison.
Style - Limelight

Option 3 -
Title - Outrunning Karma (INK)
Description - He’s never gonna make it, all the poor people he’s foresaken. Karma is always gonna chase him for his lies! It’s just a game of waiting from the church steeple down to Satan.
Main Characters - Aaliyah, Ethan, Ella, Niklaus, Rihannon, Isabel, Jack, Jamie, Bash, Bailey, Charlie, Hatty, Fiona, Rayne, Zara, Rose, Caleb, Sage Callie, Phoenix, Tye, Poppy, Yonas, Billie, Vera.
Style - Ink

Option 4 -
Title - The Mafia Doll (LL)
Description - Stop toying with me! I’m not your slave and I’m not a doll, so don’t treat me like one. I may love you but that doesn’t mean that I have accepted what you are!
Main Characters - Viola, Max, Winnie, Xiomara.
Style - Limelight

Option 5 -
Title - Wolfsbane
Description - You are my soul mate, the love of my life. But he is my dream boy. I need to choose and quick before I lose them both…
Main Characters - Aj, Alec, Mason, Livia, Rebecka, Tammi Anne, Zayn, Greyella.
Style - Ink

Option 6 -
Title - Mafia
Description - Two mafia families at war, is not the only thing I see. I also see the love of my life fighting for me. After all: “Not even a war can keep us apart…”
Main Characters - Ana, Clyde, Lorenzo, Natalie, Phoenix, Sage Callie, Salvatore, Toby.
Style - Ink

Polls -

  • The Suicide Game - LL
  • The Hamilton Affair - LL
  • Outrunning Karma - INK
  • The Mafia Doll - LL
  • Wolfsbane - INK
  • Mafia - INK

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Thank you.
Lexxie Ameliajade x

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Might wanna give some credit to Alec Benjamin for the song Outrunning Karma that you used as description… But I think it’s cool, I myself got addicted to that song and wanted to write a novel based on the story it’s telling, I had no idea other people were fascinated by the story it’s telling as well.


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Thank you to everyone who voted, I am happy to say I will be releasing 2 stories this month and they are the most voted ink story and the most voted limelight story.
The Most Voted Ink Story is…

Outrunning Karma

The Most Voted Limelight Story is…

The Suicide Game

Once again thank you to everyone who voted, I love you all.
Lexxie Ameliajade x

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